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We, in the Walczak group at the University of Colorado Boulder, are committed to creating a fair and equitable environment that nurtures an inclusive, innovative, and creative community.


To achieve these goals, we guide our actions by the following core values:

  1. We can best foster excellence by treating every individual with dignity and respect, by upholding the importance of scientific inquiry and curiosity, and by rewarding open conversations and collaborative work.

  2. Our community is stronger when it welcomes, values, and listens to the voices of individuals from a wide diversity of backgrounds and experiences and with different identities and beliefs. 

  3. Since our collective triumphs depend on the success of every one of our community members, we must work to provide individuals with opportunities that will help them grow and thrive. 

  4. To ensure that our community is one where every member feels secure and welcome, we endeavor to listen, reflect, assess, and adjust our course of action as we learn better ways to support every individual.

To build a flourishing and inclusive community that reflects these values requires that we, the PI, postdocs, and students at every level, come together in a concerted effort. We promote research and community-building opportunities to all group members students, regardless of their backgrounds. We support our community members in their interests by providing cutting-edge opportunities within chemistry and life sciences. Across all areas and career levels, we are committed to providing training and mentoring in an inclusive and supportive manner so that our group members can excel. We invite those who embrace our core values to join us, collaborate with us, and participate in our exciting initiatives. 


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